Wellness Physician

Combining the Best Wellness and Integrative Medicine

What is a

Wellness Physician?

A Wellness Physician has not only been trained and licensed in conventional medicine, but has also obtained additional training to facilitate your body to heal from the inside out. 

In fact, a Wellness Physician is passionate about discovering the root cause of a patient’s illness so that he or she can recommend the most natural and effective healing method possible. 

There is a serious Health Crisis in America that requires the dedication of physicians and patients to be re-directed toward wellness rather than ‘sick care.’

A Wellness Physician practices Integrative Medicine. Integrative Medicine couples the latest scientific advances with the most profound insights of ancient healing systems, giving you the best ways to preserve health, increase longevity, and speed recovery from illness. Integrative Medicine also encompasses the “Complementary Medicine” referred to by the research branch of the National Institues of Health entitled ‘Complementary and Alternative Medicine.’

This Complementary Medicine includes Natural Health solutions to be used alongside conventional medicine or as an alternative to it.

In other words, an integrative medicine physician is authorized to prescribe medicine and perform surgeries, but he or she is philosophically inclined to find natural ways to honor the intrinsic healing mechanisms of the body to bring you to your wellness.

What is Wellness Treatment? Where can it be found?

Wellness Treatment is the treatment path decided upon by a patient and his or her Wellness Physician engaged in an equal partnership. This “partnership” represents a significant step beyond the traditional Doctor/Patient relationship. 

The success of Wellness Treatment flows naturally from the wellspring of mutual respect defined by such a partnership. Both patient and physician are committed to effective communication and to serving the best interests of the patient. Only in the context of such a wellness partnership can Integrative Medicine bring the greatest good it is capable of.

Once there is trust established in a wellness partnership between patient and physician, then Integrative Medicine becomes a revolutionary approach to healing people from the inside out — not just treating diseases.

Integrative Medicine recognizes that Healing occurs by the united influence and wisdom of body, mind, and spirit.

Natural solutions can be integrated with temporary conventional medicine methods to facilitate the body in doing what it already knows how to do in the healing process.

In this way, Integrative Medicine honors and respects the wisdom of the body and its intrinsic healing mechanisms.

What about a Wellness Clinic? Where can a Wellness Clinic be found? Find out.